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Physical Education aims to enjoy good health and optimum fitness. Sports is often associated with words like recreation, leisure, play, etc.

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being involves the absence of diseases. Good health enables people to enjoy life and also the opportunity to achieve the goals they have to set for themselves.The aim of Physical Education is to make a person physically, mentally, emotionally and socially fit. The department was started in the year 1972.

The department of physical education committee consists of principal, physical directors, staff members and students sports secretary.Our college has a very good chess, kho-kho, kabaddi, volleyball, and shuttle badminton teams. We have participated in Bharathiar University Inter-college tournaments and other district level competitions.Students have compulsory classes every year from the classes, students, were selected for special coaching classes which were conducted both in the morning and the evening.Our department has gym materials and they are utilized by the students and staff also.
Students were divided into four groups and all games and sports events were conducted for the students. On the sports day, several games and events were conducted for staff members and non-teaching staff.

Sports Achievements:
  • 5 students participated in Bharathiar university intercollegiate chess match held on 3.8.17 – 4.8.17 at Dr. RVS Arts and science college, karamadai and secured 5th place in the team game.

  • 12 students participated in Bharathiar university intercollegiate kho kho match held on 28.08.17 at K.G college of arts and science, saravanampatti, Coimbatore.

  • 9 students participated in Bharathiar university intercollegiate khabadi match held on 09.10.17 at Sri Narayana Guru college, K.G chavadi, Coimbatore.

  • 15 students selected to participate in in Bharathiar university intercollegiate Athletic meet to be held from 04.12.17 to 06.12.17 at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.



Department  Of Food  Science And Nutrition is Conducting

"Consumer Protection/Safety Group"

 நுகர்வோர் பாதுகாப்பு கூட்டம் )


 Lecture by Dr. Subha Assistant Professor & Head of The Department


on 28-08-19 @ Our College Auditorium between 12.00-1.00 pm

 IInd Internal Examination - 03.09.19 to 13.09.19


Union Inauguration Function and Library Day Celebration On 14.08.19 @

10:00 am -

Venue: Our College Auditorium

தலைமை உரை : முனைவர் திரு.பி.பொன்முத்துராமலிங்கம் அவர்கள்

பேரவை விழா சிறப்பு உரை:  செந்தமிழ் ஆர்வலர். கவிஞர்.க. ஜோதி அவர்கள்

நூலகர்தின அறிமுக உரை:திருமதி கி.அனுராதா கல்லூரி 

நூலகம் தின சிறப்பு உரை நூலக ஆர்வலர் .திரு. இரா. புருஷோத்தமன்M.A.,M.Ed., அவர்கள்






 Breast  Feeding Week Celebration (August 1-7)

Department  Of Food  Science And Nutrition is Conducting

An Awareness  Competitions(Quize, Poetry, Drawing)  On 01-08-19. 

-Awareness Lecture by Dr. Prabha-02-08-19 @ AV Hall between 10.00-11.00am.

-Awareness Exhibition on 02-08-19 @ 11.00-12.00.



Swachh Bharat Summer Internship 2.0 programme Valedictory Function, a Special Lecture On 

" Save Environment"

     presented By

Shri K.Kalidasan, President, OSAI Environmental Organization

On 31th July 2019 at 11.00am in the Auditorium. 


 Road safety awareness function-29.07.2019@11.00am venue - LRG College  auditorium. 


 I st Internal Examination - 05.08.19 to 14.08.19


 UG 4th admission counselling date : 31.07.19


 Awareness program conducted by Swayam coordinators for all first year students on 22.07.19 


 Swachh Bharat summer internship program (SBSI 2.0) going on from 08.07.19 to 31.07.19  Organized by Swachh Bharat and NSS team. 


 Swachh Bharat

Drug abuse awareness Rally -26.06.19

 "Tholizh Neri Valzikaati" awareness Rally -08.07.19


campuscleaning -11.07.19


 Counselling for Admission to UG courses 2019-2020 -- 13.05.2019 to 21.05.2019

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 05.03.2019     Muthamizh Vizha

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 06.03.2019      Sports Day

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 07.03.2019      Annual Day

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 08.03.2019      Women’s Day

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 08.03.2019      Union Valediction function

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Co-Curricular Activities