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Government Arts College for Women

L.R.G. Government Arts College for Women, Tirupur has a dynamic history and an outstanding reputation as one of the Government Institutions exclusively meant for the women students among the others in Tamil Nadu, from the day of its inception on 15th July, 1971. In 1972, the noble objective of establishing a better infrastructure for the women pupils became feasible by the donation of 22 acres of land made by the family of the philanthropist Shri L.R.G. Naidu, whose name is still associated with the nomenclature of the Institution. The greatest vision of educating the womenfolk began with just 221 students at the origin. Presently, the College is a colossal Banyan Tree, which is offering shelter to the students from all strata of the society. The inception and the growth of the College is a milestone in the history of Higher Education, as it stands to be the One and Only Government Women’s College for three Major districts of Tamil Nadu viz., Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode.

The College is committed to providing innovative, high quality instruction that empowers students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens who value Scholarship, Diversity and the Pursuit of Truth. Since the College is situated in a semi-rural setting where people of heterogeneous nature from across the country exist for their employment opportunities, the medium of instruction is both in the Regional Language Tamil and the Second Language English.

Initially, the Undergraduate Departments of Tamil and History were originated in 1972 and in 1974 respectively in the Arts Stream followed by the Department of Zoology in the Science Category. Later, in 1977, two additional courses viz., English and Mathematics were also added to the existing Undergraduate courses. Since there had been a great demand for Science courses, the Department of Chemistry, in 1980, and the Department of Physics in 1985 were also commenced. The Department of Economics was introduced in 1998.

In the journey of the evolution of L.R.G. Government Arts College for Women, the year 2003 is a landmark, as the Postgraduate programmes such as Tamil, English and Mathematics were established. Correspondingly, at the undergraduate level, the need-based courses like Physics C.A. and B.Com. C.A. were added. To enhance the employability of the women students, the Career-Oriented courses such as B.Com. in 2004 and B.Sc. Computer Science in 2005 were introduced. As a part of the growth of the Institution, in 2009, M.Sc. Computer Science was also commenced.






 Department of Food Science And Nutrition 

            Association Meeting 

To  be   held on 20.01.2020  10.00am to 11.00am at AV Hall

Topic "Eat Right" (Right Food at Right Time)                       

 Special Guest  :Mrs. R. Parvathy                                      (Franchise Partner VLCC Healthcare Limited in tirupur).      


                                                                                                                 Consumer club is conducting  awareness competitions (drawing, poetry and essay writing)related to identification of FSSAI food labeling law violation, prevention and control of food wastage, protection of customers from misleading advertisements on 8.1.2020 between 10 -12.30 PM @ Auditorium.                                                                                    Lectue by Dr. Subha                                                                 Assistant Professor Head Of The Department,                                               Food Science And Nutrition 

TOPIC: "Food Safety Measures and Consumer Rights " on 11. 12.2019 @ Our College  Auditorium  between  11.00am


  Consumer Protection Council conducts Drawing competition on the topic "Food Safety Measures", on 11.12.2019 by 10 am at College Auditorium.                                                                                                                          college  reopenson 28.11.2019

Department  Of Food  Science And Nutrition is Conducting

"Consumer Protection/Safety Group"

 நுகர்வோர் பாதுகாப்பு கூட்டம் )


 Lecture by Dr. Subha Assistant Professor & Head of The Department


on 28-08-19 @ Our College Auditorium between 12.00-1.00 pm


 IInd Internal Exa

mination - 03.09.19 to 13.09.19


Union Inauguration Function and Library Day Celebration On 14.08.19 @

10:00 am -

Venue: Our College Auditorium

தலைமை உரை : முனைவர் திரு.பி.பொன்முத்துராமலிங்கம் அவர்கள்

பேரவை விழா சிறப்பு உரை:  செந்தமிழ் ஆர்வலர். கவிஞர்.க. ஜோதி அவர்கள்

நூலகர்தின அறிமுக உரை:திருமதி கி.அனுராதா கல்லூரி 

நூலகம் தின சிறப்பு உரை நூலக ஆர்வலர் .திரு. இரா. புருஷோத்தமன்M.A.,M.Ed., அவர்கள்






 Breast  Feeding Week Celebration (August 1-7)

Department  Of Food  Science And Nutrition is Conducting

An Awareness  Competitions(Quize, Poetry, Drawing)  On 01-08-19. 

-Awareness Lecture by Dr. Prabha-02-08-19 @ AV Hall between 10.00-11.00am.

-Awareness Exhibition on 02-08-19 @ 11.00-12.00.



Swachh Bharat Summer Internship 2.0 programme Valedictory Function, a Special Lecture On 

" Save Environment"

     presented By

Shri K.Kalidasan, President, OSAI Environmental Organization

On 31th July 2019 at 11.00am in the Auditorium. 


 Road safety awareness function-29.07.2019@11.00am venue - LRG College  auditorium. 


 I st Internal Examination - 05.08.19 to 14.08.19


 UG 4th admission counselling date : 31.07.19


 Awareness program conducted by Swayam coordinators for all first year students on 22.07.19 


 Swachh Bharat summer internship program (SBSI 2.0) going on from 08.07.19 to 31.07.19  Organized by Swachh Bharat and NSS team. 


 Swachh Bharat

Drug abuse awareness Rally -26.06.19

 "Tholizh Neri Valzikaati" awareness Rally -08.07.19


campuscleaning -11.07.19


 Counselling for Admission to UG courses 2019-2020 -- 13.05.2019 to 21.05.2019

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 05.03.2019     Muthamizh Vizha

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 06.03.2019      Sports Day

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 07.03.2019      Annual Day

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 08.03.2019      Women’s Day

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 08.03.2019      Union Valediction function

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